Market Research

Market Research

Growth of clean energy markets has historically outpaced forecasts, and prices continue to drop in many clean energy sectors, making much published data obsolete by press time. MCG’s approach to market research combines best available data with surveys, expert interviews, and other techniques to help clients make informed decisions on policies and investments in the sustainability sector. We leverage our extensive network of leading sustainability and clean energy companies, market experts, industry associations, and non-profit organizations to gain access to critical market insights into the state of the market today.

We understand the complex interplay between regulations, incentives, risk, politics, and enabling institutions and how they affect market development. MCG’s team includes leading experts on renewable energy markets, emerging climate resilience solutions, energy policy, and sustainability finance who have contributed to and coauthored leading market research assessments across the globe.

We also help clients track the shifting landscape of corporate sustainability practices. Whether it’s benchmarking targets and performance on greenhouse gas reductions, tracking emerging trends to inform development of comprehensive sustainability strategies, identifying industry best practices in operational or product innovation, or monitoring funding opportunities for early stage clean tech fields, MCG has experience working with leading companies in a diverse range of industries.

Across the globe, industry leaders and policymakers are responding to new challenges with innovations like multi-sectoral collaborations, micro-enterprises, deployment of leapfrog technologies, as well as new funding instruments. MCG’s market analyses have fed directly into private and public sector strategies on investment, program development and partnership.

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