Energy Procurement

Meister Consultants Group supported the City of Newton with the procurement of these solar PV canopies.


Energy costs in the Northeast have risen rapidly in the last few years and local governments are increasingly challenged to find new and innovative ways to reduce budget expenditures. Purchasing power from solar installations is now a cost-effective way to reduce energy bills for local governments in a number of Northeast states. MCG has helped dozens of cities and towns understand their solar energy buying options and can provide turnkey procurement services that assure local government leaders that they are getting the most competitive solar power contracts available.

MCG’s helps local governments navigate the complexities of buying power from cutting edge solar technologies. Our consultants provide a range of services, from identifying appropriate solar sites, to developing bid documents, advertising solicitations, reviewing proposals and assisting with contract negotiations. A comprehensive understanding of the local solar market is key to ensuring any solar contract maximizes potential savings while minimizing the risks associated with entering into long-term power contracts. MCG’s solar solicitation team has in-depth knowledge of local solar energy markets and leverages this knowledge to help local government clients find the best price for their solar systems. MCG has helped clients save millions of dollars on their future energy costs, freeing up tax dollars for other community priorities while supporting long-term environmental goals.

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