high voltage electricity pylon and the sky

Large infrastructure projects often garner widespread attention and controversy. Whether it is the siting of transmission lines, the development of large-scale renewable energy facilities, or the redevelopment of former coal plants, it is clear that public opinion and input cannot be ignored in today’s networked society. Early and active engagement of local stakeholders and interest groups is important to ensure that developers and regulators can manage stakeholder concerns and that widespread opposition or protests do not derail the implementation of key infrastructure projects.

MCG has the depth and breadth of knowledge to help relevant stakeholders conceptualize, negotiate, and develop major energy infrastructure projects. We assist clients at every stage of the process, ranging from goal setting and strategy development, evaluation of options, stakeholder engagement processes, and implementation support. We analyze the situation, bring experts and stakeholders to the table, help leaders manage the debate and find suitable lines of compromise in order to develop workable solutions.

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