Cleantech & Innovation

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Recent years have seen double digit growth in the global clean tech industry, now a major sector with a market capitalization totaling in the hundreds of billions. The industry has been a driver of innovation and a source of economic competitiveness in regions that have committed to creating enabling policy and market conditions. Business and government leaders draw from an expanding array of funding, investment, policy, and market development mechanisms to enable development of clean tech innovations that will provide economic, environmental, and societal benefits.

MCG works at the intersection of policy and markets to drive clean tech innovation through both public-sector led initiatives and private sector collaborations. We help companies assess new markets, assess emerging investment trends and opportunities, develop actionable strategic and research plans, and form critical partnerships. MCG also works with governments to identify cost-effective policies and programs for enabling clean tech innovation, incubation, and commercialization. By bringing together deep content expertise and effective stakeholder engagement processes, we help guide clients in the context of technical complexity, diverse interests, and rapidly shifting market landscapes.

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