Smart Distributed Generation Hub – Resilient Solar Project

New York State aims to build resiliency by integrating energy storage into its fast growing solar PV market. Learn more about the Solar Smart DG Hub.

Meister Consultants group is part of the Solar Smart DG Hub, an initiative which the City University of New York (CUNY) began in response to Hurricane Sandy. The work began with a workshop on resilient inverters and now has expanded to focus on Resilient Solar, as part of a three-year Department of Energy supported initiative. The current project is led by CUNY, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and Meister Consultants Group, and includes a network of public, private and non-profit stakeholders engaged through working groups. Meister Consultants Group leads the development of an implementation roadmap for solar and storage in New York City, conducted a survey of costs and market development and leads the Economics and Finance Working Group.

The Impetus

New York State (NYS) now has more than 18,000 solar photovoltaic (PV) systems and is one of the fastest growing solar markets in America, yet there are few known PV systems with battery storage in NYC, and NYS utilities have no process to track resilient PV systems. NY’s rapidly growing PV market remains underutilized as a resource due to multiple barriers to adding storage capability.

The Resilient Solar Project

The Smart DG Hub will create a pathway to integrating resilient PV systems into the NYC infrastructure by creating a Smart DG Roadmap for Resilient Solar, disseminating fact sheets and streamlining processes for resilient solar and adding resiliency analysis to the NY Solar Calculator. The additional resiliency components to the NY Solar Calculator will be made available to the public on the NY Solar Map (under development) by the third year of the project and will help capture for the first time the full spectrum of value streams for solar systems with battery storage.

NYC PV + Storage: Fact Sheets & Glossary

The NYSolar Smart DG Hub- Resilient Solar Project has published two fact sheets and a glossary that provides information to installers, utilities, policy makers, and consumers who are interested in the current PV+Storage Market. The fact sheets were prepared by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, the City University of New York and Meister Consultants Group with considerable assistance by the Resilient Solar Working Groups.

  • Resilient PV Hardware Fact Sheet: This document details what resilient PV is, what hardware components are involved in resilient PV systems, and a battery comparison chart showing key features of lead acid, lithium ion, and flow batteries.
  • Resilient PV Finance Fact Sheet: This document is an overview of the economics and finance of resilient PV, with a focus on commercial scale projects. The document includes a FAQ section as well as an extensive appendix of incentives, demand response programs, and ancillary services available in the NYC market for solar and storage projects.
  • DG Hub Glossary: This document is a companion to the fact sheets, defining key terms related to resilient PV.

By the end of the year, the DG Hub will release a guide to permitting and interconnecting resilient PV systems in New York, an analysis of solar and storage projects for critical infrastructure facilities, and results of a costs survey conducted with key project developers and government agencies.

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