Community Energy Strategies

Community-driven clean energy planning

Community Energy StrategiesAcross the globe, local governments are setting aggressive clean energy and carbon reduction targets and implementing cutting-edge policies and programs in support of these goals. In many of these communities, the best ideas for achieving deep carbon reductions are coming directly from community members. In support of this trend, MCG was hired by the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC) to design and implement community dialogue processes for six local government entities in the Commonwealth with the goal of engaging the creative potential of Massachusetts residents in support of long-term clean energy planning. As part of the Community Energy Strategies Program, MCG implemented a comprehensive community dialogue and technical assistance process that addressed all aspects of community outreach and engagement, as well as technical, regulatory and policy analysis. For each local partner, MCG staff facilitated multiple community energy forums in order to identify clean energy project goals and to evaluate project development options that best fit the local context. At the end of the project, each local government was awarded funding in order to move forward with the most promising community-sourced ideas.

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