Project Examples

Effective communication consulting leads to first rate results and noticable effects. Our projects by way of example show, how our work takes full effects.

Energy Policy Expertise

On-call energy policy expertise through the Clean Energy Solutions Center Ask the Expert Service

Solar Outreach Partnership

Solar strategy and policy assistance to local government policymakers and officials across the USA

Community Energy Strategy

Community Energy Strategies

Community-driven clean energy planning

Clean Energy Finance

Clean Energy Finance

National clean energy finance roadmap

Global Fund for Renewables

Development of an innovative fund to support renewable energy in developing countries

Caribbean Energy Transition

Creation of a toolkit to support renewable energy market development in OECS countries

NY-Sun PV Trainers Network

Training program for public officials to reduce costs and grow the solar PV market

Carbon Accounting & Reporting

Corporate Carbon Reporting

Calculating and reporting carbon footprint of a mid-cap IT systems provider

Saudi Arabia Energy Policy

National policy framework for the promotion of renewable electricity

Thermal Energy Storage

Strategic assessment of the US Thermal Energy Storage (TES) market

Energy and Agriculture

Facilitation of dialogue between US and German renewable energy policy experts and farmers

Product Life Cycle Assessment

Environmental impact assessment of roofing products for America’s largest roofing manufacturer